Seniors may want to take the SAT in addition to the day Galatia is offering in order to practice or improve their SAT score. Any senior that is interested in taking the SAT at another facility (SIUC, SIUE, etc)  for FREE may see Mrs. R for a voucher. Testing dates are on Saturdays.

Once a student is given a voucher number they will need to sign up for the SAT at . Mrs. Ragsdale will be able to assist with SAT registration, if needed.

You can find practice tests at: .


  • Seniors and parents of seniors be sure to sign up for the Senior's Remind Text @fb7kah and enter 81010

School Counselor


My door is always open for students who may have questions or concerns about their academic, career and social/emotional development. Please do not hesitate to contact me, I am here to serve Galatia students. 

MRS. Ragsdale   (618) 297-4199

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Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the number of credits to graduate will transition to 26 total credits. Total credits required for graduation Class of 2023 will be 25, Class of 2024 will be 25.5, and Class of 2025 and beyond will be 26. These credits must include:

Four (4) Years of English

Four (4) Years of Physical Education

Three (3) Years of Science

Three (3) Years of Math. (one credit must be Algebra)

Three (3) Years of Social Studies (one credit must be American History and 0.5 credit must be Government) 

One half (½) Year of Driver Education.

One half (½) Year of Health Education.

One (1) Year of Resource Management

One(1) Year of Art, Vocational Course or Foreign Language

Galatia Course Description Handbook

A test over the U.S. and Illinois Constitution must be passed.

In the occasional case of a student repeating graduation required course, the student will be eligible to obtain elective credit only for previously passed semesters.

**All students will take the SAT test during their junior year. The SAT is a state requirement for graduation.

Illinois now requires all student to complete their FAFSA Senior year in order to graduate.

Seniors must have all credits completed by the graduation date to participate in the Graduation ceremony.